We have been reported there in our game sometimes an error occured by the incorrect file name because some audio files aren't extracted properly.

If you met this problem, please try the solutions we offer below.

1) Set the system locale as Japanese

Before you extract the game's zip archive, set your system's locale as Japanese according to the instruction in the FAQ at DLSite(english):

2) Use Windows standard extraction function

Because some archivers don't support Unicode or Japanese file name, the safe way is to extract files by Windows standard function. Some instructions are here:

3) Or, use an Unicode supporting archiver

Maybe the archiver that supports Unicode is also useful, like this:

Note that even this application needs the system locale set as Japanese too.

4) In the case when the solutions above don't work

If all of these efforts failed, maybe you have to rename the incorrect file names manually. For this case, we provided a batch file to automate this process. The file can be obtained from here:

Before running this batch program, you need to set the system locale as Japanese, as remarked above. And as this program was not tested very well, we recommend to backup your game files(or the game's zip archive).

The archive file of this batch also includes a text file containing the list of the correct Japanese file names in UTF-8 format. When the batch file didn't work properly, please rename by your hand according to the list.

We're sorry for the inconvinience to you and appreciate your understanding.