DLsite.com can also be viewed overseas, and our works can be sold there, but they are basically still just the Japanese domestic version.
But I have been told "I could enjoy it more if I could understand Japanese."
So as an experiment, I asked my friend to assist me to try to make an english version of the text script in some of my past works.
The first one is "My Horny Kinky Sis! -Beware her farty skunky ass-"
If you've purchased it already and want to get the English version script text file, please re-download from the sales page that you bought it from.
The new text file is available in the recent update.

English translation assistance: Alex John.

Thank you for your help, sincerely.


第一弾は、『おねショタ! ~ スカンクお姉ちゃんのオシオキお尻にご用心 ~』です。

英訳に当たっては、Alex Johnさん他に御協力頂きました。ありがとうございました!