First ... notice on version upgrade
Please copy SaveData.json
Also, if you want to play from the beginning please delete SaveData.json

If you keep Alt on while starting the game, the Unity Details dialog will appear. Please try those who are heavy in motion, those who want to play in window mode.
I seem to have been blown into a different space during class
Free camera mode(Story&Training)
Mouse coordinates Viewpoint movement
Right click  Rotation
Middle mouse button Move
Operation of VR
The controller of the VR has the right and left, please confirm it.
Left touch pad   Press to move instantaneously to that position.
Right touch pad  Press to open the menu.
   The content varies depending on each scene.
Let's practice the punch
Left punch    Mouse left click
Right punch         Mouse right click
You can change the trajectory of the punch by controlling mouse coordinates.
Punch on / off can be set from the bottom of the screen.
case VR LeftorRight controller  If you attach a speed to the controller, it will be processed as a punch.
You can skip the story from the bottom left button.
case VR   Please click on the touch pad on the right controller and click Skip.
Let's increase energy to return to the original world.
The upper left gauge will increase by doing a lot of exercise.
Selecting a dumbbell from the icon group below displays training menu & character status.
When the gauge reaches Max, you can proceed to the next scene.
case VR   Click the right touch roller's touchpad and select Next Scene.

Please select a character from the face icon on the left.
Exercise (Activete on this screen) Let's exercise on your favorite machine.
Weight can be changed freely.
Level up by increasing the right gauge of LV!
The upper right slider can change the magnification for easy viewing.
Player is You. Let's exercise on self-report.
case VR   Click on the touch pad on the right controller and click on Training.
 Chara  Each time you click, the character to be executed will change.
 Exercise Each time you click, the exercise you want to execute changes.
 Weight  Each click increases the weight. When it becomes Max, it returns to 0.
 Cancel  Off the display
When selecting a sailor suit from the icon group below, costume selection display.
You can change clothes, hairstyle, colors.
Can not select when VR.
Select a nut from the icon group below, display option.
Language  Selectable in  English and Japanese.
Key Assign  Let's assign it as you like from the button on the right.
Mouse sensitivity Fit to the point that is easy to operate with the slider.
Sound   Volume change, volume of each character can also be changed.
Puppet Master  Let's turn it off when the motion is heavy.
FPS Display  Let's review the number displayed in the upper right, the number of times to display per second, if it is less than 30, revise the setting.
Key Assignment Details
 ControllerEX Since the right and left trigger of the Xbox 360 controller was treated as one button on the left and right, it was set up.
   Please turn on if necessary.
 Reverse  If it is necessary to invert with analog input, please turn it ON.
 Sensivity Sensitivity of top and bottom and left and right for analog input.
Can not select when VR.
Choose a ball you like? Select by punch.
case VR   Touch while pulling the trigger of the controller.
Choose a glove from the icons below to start boxing.
You can switch between free battle and league game with Switch in the upper left.
Let's decide the next match-up card by clicking three square icons (you can play games one to three at a time)
You can choose whether to watch or skip the game with the Option in the upper right.
Is Order  Button to proceed in order.
Random   Button to proceed randomly.
Go to the next game with the GO button on the upper left.
case VR   Click Left Controller Touchpad and select League.
 1P  Each time you click, you change the 1P character.
 2P  Each time you click, you change the 2P character.
 Fight  Boxing match will begin.
 Cancel  Off the display
The left is the player's HP.
The right the opponent's HP.
If you can not stand within 10 seconds after 3 times down or down it is a defeat.
As the damage accumulates, icons of the humanoid become redder and redder for each part, making it easier for damage to pass through.
The middle is a timer. It will be a draw if it can not be determined in about 3 minutes.
Mouse coordinates Viewpoint movement
Left click  Left punch Changes in length press and Ducking
Right click  Right punch Changes in length press and Ducking
Left and Right click Guard
W  Step foaward move + twice input/Can be used in combination with a Ducking punch
A  Step left move + twice input/Can be used in combination with a Ducking punch
S  Step back move + twice input/Can be used in combination with a Ducking punch
D  Step right move + twice input/Can be used in combination with a Ducking punch
SPACE  Pause & free camera mode
TAB  Display of the mouse cursor
Shift+F4 Quit the game
case VR  You can operate like the story part
  If you want to punch, please give acceleration to the controller.
  You can also return to training by clicking the touch pad on the right controller.
After boxing victory, squatting near the opponent ...
squatting = Please hold down the punch button.
It must be executed earlier than 10 counts. ​
The operation method is basically the same as boxing.
Move (back and forth only) ws key (initial) or mouse wheel (since there is a lag between pressing the button and acting, it will be late if you push ontinuously)
case VR  Click left mouse pad
Punch  Mouse click (initial)
case VR  If you give acceleration to the controller to some extent, it will become a punch.
Grab the opponent  approach
case VR  It is easy to grab when bringing your face closer.
Changing parts to grasp  Mouse Wheel
case VR  You can grab various parts by pressing a trigger.
Release from the grab state Simultaneously press left and right (initial)
case VR  No Assign
Toggle to boobs  Mouse 3 button
case VR  No Assign
Piston movement etc. Control with mouse coordinates (If you enter it quickly in the up direction, a strong piston can be made)
case VR  The opponent is not in escape + A certain distance. + Hold your head up and down.
It is the end if it can escape to a certain condition (fainting etc.) or ring end.
Click the icon in the lower right to return to training.
case VR  Click Return on the right controller icon.